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All Your Sturdy Tables
In A.D. 2006
SubText was beginning.
Johnny: What happen ?
Teatime: Somebody set up us the slash
Teatime: We get broken fourth wall
Johnny: What !
Teatime: Glass eye turn on
Johnny: It's You !!
Fate: How are you psychopaths !!
Fate: All your sturdy tables are belong to us
Fate: You are on the way to canon
Johnny: What you say !!
Fate: You have no chance for het make your time
Fate: HA HA HA HA ....
Teatime: Take off every 'squibweapon'
Johnny: You know what you doing
Johnny: Move 'squibweapon'
Johnny: For Sturdy Tables
:iconsturdy-tables:Sturdy-Tables 0 2
Sturdy Tables Secret 1 by Sturdy-Tables Sturdy Tables Secret 1 :iconsturdy-tables:Sturdy-Tables 0 0
Mature content
Coffee Run :iconsturdy-tables:Sturdy-Tables 1 0
10 Things I May Not Write
Ten Things I May Not Write In A Sturdy Tables Fic
1. If I must write an ST4 orgy fic, I will refrain from any 'who's the daddy?' pregnancies. Especially mpreg.
2. The poker is not a sex toy.
3. The glass eye is not a sex toy.
4. In a Devi/anyone sex scene, the phrase 'immortalize the moment' is never appropriate.
5. Susan and Devi are unlikely to bond over General Foods International Coffee.
6. I will not write Teatime as a redhead without a canon cite to back it up.
7. Fic involving Susan or Devi in detention should be marked with a clear warning. Fic involving Susan or Devi being made to do lines in detention should be marked with a 'may cause drowsiness' warning.
8. Nny does not wear pink. Even for Teatime.
9. I will not get meta with Devi, Teatime's eyesocket, and a strap-on.
10. I will not try to write a fic violating all of these.
:iconsturdy-tables:Sturdy-Tables 1 0
50 Things, h_h edition ~ Come for the crack, stay for the SquibWeapons
Fifty Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts,Hogwarts_Hocus Edition
1. Professor Cthulhu will not be flattered if I ask him to sign my copy of "Legend of the Overfiend".
2. I must not poke the serial killers.
3. If I am caught writing "All Hufflepuffs are useless pansies" on the bathroom wall I deserve everything that happens to me.
4. I must not tell the "Defence Against" Dark Arts Professor that he takes himself too seriously.
5. Having "the cold dead eyes of a killer" is not grounds for squibbing,
6. There is no rule six.
7. I will not tell DEATH that his capslock key is stuck.
8. If I write Nightwing/Ryuuji slash I will make very sure that neither of them ever finds out.
9. If I write Teatime/Johnny slash I will make very sure that neither of them ever finds out.
10. If I write Steerpike/anyone slash I will make very sure that everyone finds out.
11. I will not suggest that mudwrestli
:iconsturdy-tables:Sturdy-Tables 0 0
Sleep A Little Longer
Strictly speaking, he hadn't exactly been asleep.
This was, all things considered, a good thing. Nny's awakenings tended to involve whole-body jerks and loud, startled expletives; just the sort of jolt that might propel Teatime from deep slumber to reflexive, decisive action.
But he had been asleep at some point, however briefly. That much was clear. Teatime convincing him to go to the party, that had happened. Going back to his room, that had happened. Confessing all sorts of embarassing things about himself... yeah. Not much hope that'd been a dream. And if he was going to dream about kissing Teatime, it would have either ended much better or (more likely) far worse.
It had gone fluid, and Teatime had looked at him strangely for using the word but it was the only one that fit; that state when nothing mattered but even the tiniest gestures had immense significance, when nothing you said meant what you thought it was going to and even before you'd decided to do something it was
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I may or may not upload my newer deviations; I'm just so terribly lazy. If any of you have any, though, I'd be more than happy to post them. :)

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